A few random photos

Alrighty. So, I'm trying to make this quick.

This isn't anything special or important, just something that I did. Unfortunately, we're out of batteries and I lost the battery charger ages ago to recharge the rechargables. x.x So until then, no more pics.
I've concluded I suck terribly at taking pictures of myself.
But this one my mom took of me, at Kemah.

This is a picture of my puppy--from when we got her. ^^ She was only a few months old.

We're leaving tomorrow to go to New Braunfels and Fiesta Texas. Snake Farm! woo!!
God Bless,

My time is limited, so I'm going to try to make it short.

Yesterday we went to Kemah with friends--my mommy took a picture =]


China Glaze Thataway

Heya there. This is just a short post.

This is China Glaze Thataway. It's a frosty orange. This is two coats. The first coat is very uneven and sheer near the tips, but the second coat clears things up. It can be a little streaky.

That's all for today. Sorry =]



Snakes and 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day, to everyone =] On this day, I went out to Toledo, with my great uncle's lake house. I conversed and ate with some relatives of mine who live a bit close, and some a bit far. I didn't participate in boating or swimming or playing any of those games the boys did, but I did have fun talking.

This was an absolutely terrible manicure. It's just that and a top coat, but there are several issues. I think maybe a base would've helped--the white, OPI Timeless is More (because I hate starks and it's the only "opaque" white in my collection, seemed to peel right off. The others, China Glaze Frostbite and OPI ..erm..I can't recall the name now. ^_^ Those chipped, with great ease. I guess maybe it was because I was partially in the dark that the application wasn't great--but nobody there was a professional, and they thought it was cute. So hey, I /tried/ to do something more than simple.

So yes, I snapped some of Stevo. He does not like having his picture taken! He's finally three foot long, and hopefully will be growing past four.

Tangles. It's so interesting, she's outgrown this tiny little hut and yet she still finds reason to lay in it. See how she's pushed it up!
That's all for today.