China Glaze Frostbite

I just got back from a camping trip. I've had several different nail polish changes, and received my Konad things, though I'm saving them all until I'm desparate, or get a decent picture.
This is China Glaze Frostbite, released I think in the surf collection a few years ago, maybe even last summer (I have no idea). On the hand it appears more shiny than shimmery that reminds me of metal. In the picture it is the darker hue visible. Really gorgeous. Reminds me of blue Christmas ornaments.


Horse Ranch

These pictures became incredible out of order. BAH!

Oh well.

I'm not going to talk too much, I hope. My mom's friends have a horse ranch in Mississippi, where we spent two nights over our spring break. My mom took over a thousand pictures, though I just wanted to share a few.
This babe was born the day before we arrived.

This one is a week and a half old.

Whoa, momma!

This is my mom's friend's son Cody, who's VERY experienced and was halter breaking this one.

Love this shot!

My mom wanted to take a picture of my dad and I riding side-by-side. Sorry I look awful (and fat), I wasn't wearing any makeup!! You can actually see the glow of my nail polish and its brightness.

Her lab, Heidi, tagged along a bunch. (I still look awful =[) The horse is very pretty!

Hair much?

They're so gorgeous!! They have about thirty-two horses and a hundred and twenty acres of land!

My daddy got comfortable REAL fast.

Overall, it was a very exciting trip. Now that I've discovered I LOVE horses, I want to get more involved. That place is amazing, and has tons of dogs, chickens, cows, cats, you name it! Even a few donkeys. I had the time of my life, and realised I need to lose a TON of weight. ><
--That flaming-green nailpolish, btw, is China Glaze's In the Lime-Light! (My mom and I stopped by a Sally's on the way and I picked up a ton of stuff. <3 My mom so much, I wasn't expecting that)

Oh, and you can probably click and zoom in. ^^


Snake Attack

Well, I don't have any nails today, but Tangles was out and about. My corn snakes think they have rattles, so they rattle their tails.

Very weird.

It makes the neatest sound though! Meanwhile, Evin, my ragdoll kitten (I don't remember how old he is ^^) discovered him upon my dresser, and is seeking to attack the snake.

Poor snake?



Baby Blue & Heimilch

I had a really, really, really bad day. I took a few shots tonight and decided to wear a polish from the Nubar Pastel Fever Collection.

Shortly after a meal, Heimlich is out and about! Zoom in on this one, he's so gorgeous!

This colour -- Baby Blue -- is absolutely GORGEOUS. My attempts to grow out my nails keep dying. Something always happens to one of them, but I'm trying. ^^ The application was wonderful, although it was a bit streaky on the first few coats. The saturation was hard to capture on camera. The first picture is as taken by a camera, the second is adjusted, though I feel the colour of the polish itself is somewhere in between.

Hope this satisfies.


Nubar Green Tea

Nubar Green Tea is part of the Pastel Fever Collection I recently acquired.

I've seen this colour a whole bunch, everywhere. It's really a gorgeous colour in the bottle, I really really wanted to love you...

and I did!

The application was spectacular. I feel I too am getting better. ^^ The polish was opaque and streak-free in only two thin coats. The colour is gorgeous--but what else could be expected from Nubar than perfection?

Love. It.

Feels very St. Patrick's Day like, no?



Nubar Lavender

I recently received Nubar's Pastel Fever Collection, and thought that I would gradually begin to post their colours up here.

We shall note that my camera is very picky, and makes things a bit brighter--I don't have brilliant application by any means, albeit my camera tends to make minor ones which would not normally be noticed jump out.

It's a gorgeous colour, and looks precisely as it would in the bottle. The bottles themselves are to love, and are well balanced. The cap fits in perfectly and has a nice texture that is easily held and gripped by myself at least. I have small nail beds, and the brush is a bit large for me, though besides that everything was brilliant.

The Lavender shade, and as I've heard of all of this collection, was quite streaky. A third coat might have helped, tough my coats are average and not super-thin, so I was satisfied.

I'll hope to get back soon with the rest of the collection. ^^

Love, D.B.