Snake Attack

Well, I don't have any nails today, but Tangles was out and about. My corn snakes think they have rattles, so they rattle their tails.

Very weird.

It makes the neatest sound though! Meanwhile, Evin, my ragdoll kitten (I don't remember how old he is ^^) discovered him upon my dresser, and is seeking to attack the snake.

Poor snake?



  1. You have a beautiful corn snake! I own a bearded dragon myself! I understand the love we can have for these color blooded critters!
    How long is he and how old? Mine little guy is 7 1/2 years old!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful snake! I love your ragdoll kitten! He looks very similar to my recently departed Birman. She was 15.5.

  3. Kim--Aww thank you! I love beardies, but I can't handle the crickets. She's about a year old now and jeez, maybe a bit over two feet?

    Phyrra-- Thanks! He is adorable, and I am so so sorry! My ragdoll of nine years was found dead when we came back from a vacation to Corpus Christi, TX, I was devastated! The trauma, however, was what led to my parents allowing snakes lol.