Baby Blue & Heimilch

I had a really, really, really bad day. I took a few shots tonight and decided to wear a polish from the Nubar Pastel Fever Collection.

Shortly after a meal, Heimlich is out and about! Zoom in on this one, he's so gorgeous!

This colour -- Baby Blue -- is absolutely GORGEOUS. My attempts to grow out my nails keep dying. Something always happens to one of them, but I'm trying. ^^ The application was wonderful, although it was a bit streaky on the first few coats. The saturation was hard to capture on camera. The first picture is as taken by a camera, the second is adjusted, though I feel the colour of the polish itself is somewhere in between.

Hope this satisfies.


  1. Where have you found your Nubar polishes? Are they expensive?

  2. Olivia--Not really, they're about seven dollars, I think? I get them at bynubar.com? I believe, but I used Siobhan at the Nailphile's discount ^^. It's free shipping over fifty or something dollars, I believe and if you buy the whole set it's cheaper.

  3. OK! great! Thanks so much!!! :D