China Glaze--For Audrey

Well here I am today, with one of my favourite nail polishes. This is China Glaze, For Audrey, a very pretty tiffany blue. As you can see from my nails they aren't really deciding on any length or shape, however although I like rectangular nails, I am beginning to see from my index and middle finger that I really like the round-shape.

This is my right hand, also. ^^ I'm left handed, so I suppose it's more accurate. Also, my left hand's shape has gotten kinda butchered and short lately and well, that's no fun. And with short nails, I can barely paint straight.

Hope this satisfies.


China Glaze: Tempest

I tend to forget how important Memorial Day is while I'm doing absolutely nothing, off from school. Although I do remember, and like to acknowledge all of the veterans and current soldiers fighting for our country (and others).

My NOTD is China Glaze, Tempest. Two coats. Although it's a bit thick in application, it is alright and somewhat decent if you get used to it. Just looking at on the hand, it appears more of a bluish indigo, however there's a purple shimmer to it.

That's all for today.



Tangles and Evie

I promise I'll get some pictures of some nails up, but for now I'm going to put up some pictures I took last night and this morning of Tangles and Evin. ^^
Sorry for the blurs, guys.
Love, D.B.


OPI Timeless is More

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. Life has been quite busy. ^.^ I made the time to update with one of my favourite nail lacquers, OPI Timeless is More. As of this year I believe, it is discontinued. A shame, I think it is one of the most brilliant off-white colours. Although it is sheer in the picture, from a slight distance including the light shimmer it has, it seems pretty opaque. Really gorgeous. Application fantabulous, really just a great nail polish.

Of course, I'll say that about nearly everything.

I'll try to post more often.