Another Haul

Revol Apricot Fantasy

A cheap Bari blush, not sure of the name at the moment.

I was eager to try L'OREAL HiP, so this is Poppy.

And this is a swatch.
That's all,

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Lavender Marquis

This is a rather finicky little one. I was caught by it's frosty shimmerness of lavender, although I'm not so sure about the polish itself. It is very pretty, doable at just a single coat it looks beautiful. It is a frosty lavender with a bit of a yellow shine to it, is what I see in it. It's very pretty. Application, however, was not pretty. The formula is very thin and tends to run, a lot. In order to apply, it is necessary you take off a ton and ton of polish from the brush in order to apply, and put on thin coats. However, it is a subtle beauty I will wear again.

That's all for today.
Love and God Bless,


FingerPaints Brush With Fame

Today has been such a great day for me. I went and had a meeting with my principal, counselor, band director, and mom. They were very pleased with my academics, had a ton of papers, and emphasized their care for me so that I have several accomodations. What I actually received was a five minute early or late pass, a home set of textbooks, an elevator pass if I need to go to the other building's second story, a handicapped bus that brings me right to my house, and a threat that if the principal ever sees me hurrying again he'll personally call all my teachers and tell me to leave five minutes early. I was also blessed with receiving a top locker in the midst of all of my classes, and permission not to punish me if I accidentally am a bit dozy from all my medicine! Life is good.

I rounded my nails. When they were more squared, I notice that the corners of them would always break and chip. In the case of my longer nails, they might actually decay a little in the middle on the side, making things annoying and maintaining ridiculous. I've begun to notice the attraction of more pointed, rounder, realistic looking nails. So, I rounded my nails. I don't know if it makes too much of a difference or not, but I do like how they look. I'm not sure what I might do in the future.

This is FingerPaints Brush With Fame. I bought it at Sally's for maybe a dollar because it was on sale. The colour is very similar to what is in the pics, but with less lighting it looks a bit more brown. Relate the picture to the bottle colour as well. In the first day there has been definite tipwear, although no chips.

Thanks, love you, and God Bless,


The Houston Museum of Natural Science *verypictureheavy*

Well, anybody who has known me for a while knows that if I get a hold of a camera and get in a place with shimmery, shiny things, I am most likely bound to snap away at every single thing I see. Here..I actually did. My mom took a small minority of the pictures at the museum, although I took a good bit. There are tons and tons and tons of pictures, and the only thing I wasn't able to take pictures of were the Indian and B.C./A.D. sort of things on the third floor.

A bit of the overall message, I think. I'm going to try to not comment on anything specific.

All of the rocks/gemstones are insanely gorgeous in the pictures, but the camera can't go anywhere near to the beauty they show. Full view EVERYTHING if you can, and pretend that each of those facets are lit up. The gemstones were INSANELY beautiful, but they didn't show up at all in the pictures! I loved all of the stones there, they blew me away like they do every time. There's a few dino pics.

And that's it =]
A side note--the plesiosaur, you kind of have to look for some random guy in the photograph, but that is one HUGE dinosaur, and /that/ is a 1/4 scale model!

That's all
Love and God Bless,