Nubar Pastel Fever Lemon Sorbet and Oh Baby Pink

I feel absolutely terrible that every time I get on it's for an apology, but there is absolutely no way to keep up with things. I'm still trying to conserve my battery, snapping pictures as I can. I haven't even been able to get on the internet considering all of my afternoon time is consumed by homework and practice. Advanced courses do well providing you what you need for the college tests, sure, but there is hardly any time for anything and I'm also trying to maintain the highest average I can so that my regular (elective) classes (which are scaled to 4.0 instead of 5.3 like the advanced or GT (which is above that) don't pull down my GPA).

Rambling enough much. Well..I haven't actually been doing my nails lately. I've been too tired, and too busy. I went to the Muscular Dystrophy Association again for another appointment with a new doctor, discovered that I can't hardly feel any temperature in my hands and none past my knees. They put me on gabapentin, which I can say still isn't helping with my pain, but it's better than over the counter drugs. -shrug-

Anyways, this is Nubar Oh Baby Pink from the Nubar Pastel Fever collection released the past spring. This is one of my favourite collections of all time, and I'm not quite sure or not if I had posted this colour or not. The application is smooth and creamy, and very good, although you need about three-four coats of application. That's keeping in mind, I normally do very thin coats. I don't really like Nubar's brush size, although with precision and stabilizing my hand I am getting better at managing.

Nubar Lemon Sorbet is also very excellent. It is the most streak free yellow I've ever tried and definetely the lightest and palest. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour and doesn't make me look red although it does in the picture. >.> I used two coats, although a third is quite obviously necessary for opacity.

S'well, I went to the local museum and am dedicating an entire post to that in a few moments. ^^
That's all for now,

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