Mini Walgreens Haul

Sew. I went to Walgreens today. I spent twenty five dollars, although it's normal that my dad buys my foundation, so cut off about eight of that. ^_^ My dad was going, so I seized the opportunity.

This is the CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped Foundation. I've heard various mixed comments about this, so I thought I'd give it a try.

CoverGirl's website: So silky, so light, you won't believe you're wearing makeup! The luxurious whipped formula of TRUblend Whipped Foundation glides on for silky-smooth coverage, a lightweight feel and a natural, fresh-looking complexion.

First Impressions: Now, this is the first non-liquid foundation I have tried. The issue is in reviews, is that about 80% love the heck out of this foundation, and the other 20% hate it. When I opened it it was indeed very smooth. While some had complaints of it not being smooth and silky appearing, well, mine was new and fresh, just fine. I tried on a little bit and I do completely agree with the claim on the website. It's a very smooth coverage. A little goes a long way, and it is very natural and fresh. It doesn't feel like you have anything on at all. The only thing I can say opposed against this is that the smell is indeed, incredibly strong. A side note is that this contains 28 mL where most foundations have 30 mL, which is very good, considering a large amount of liquid foundation needed for a similar coverage is hardly comparable to this.

I picked up Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Nude Blush too. Sorry for the photo quality. It is very creamy, and has a buildable pigmentation.
I'm a sucker for cheap lipgloss. Really, who would pay thirty dollars for lipgloss? This is Jordana InColor Shine Luxury Gloss in Cute. Again, bad photo. I saw this by the checkout for a dollar or so. It is a pretty neutral, but very bronzey lipgloss. It's a little too shimmery for me to use, personally, and has a very high pigmentation. I think if I worked with the amount I use then I'll find a good medium.I picked up Maybelline's EXPERT WEAR Bronzer in Sun Light too. It's a very neutral, kind of light, peachy colour. I love the sun in it. The only thing that I can disagree on now is as most powder blushes, it's real powdery and tends to get all inside it. It's very shimmery.Jordana Cosmetics Nutmeg Lip Liner. 99c. It's creamy and nice. =]So yes, I did swatch. The blush is on the hand, lipliner, gloss, then lipstick.

The lighting's a bit off. =/ Eh.

We also went to Kohl's today. I picked this up. =] Rawr. This was like..ten dollars! It's amazing how cheap the clothes are getting. You go one week then the next and next, and they're getting progressively cheaper. Right on! Soon they'll be paying me to buy there! Bought with a Kohl's Certificate thing. You get $20 for every $50 you spend.

Also, a tad bit of a personal story.
I got these last Christmas as a gift. I'm a sucker for accessories, and hook earrings seem to be the most convenient for me. I don't have to open and close any tight clasps, I just put it in and poof. Well, about a week, seriously, after I got these I lost them.
Well, one appears in our yard. A neighbour kid found it. Which means..wow. So, I get it and don't know where the other one is.
Well, a few months ago I saw the other one. Then, forgot where it was.
The other night I remembered! And voila!

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