FingerPaints Brush With Fame

Today has been such a great day for me. I went and had a meeting with my principal, counselor, band director, and mom. They were very pleased with my academics, had a ton of papers, and emphasized their care for me so that I have several accomodations. What I actually received was a five minute early or late pass, a home set of textbooks, an elevator pass if I need to go to the other building's second story, a handicapped bus that brings me right to my house, and a threat that if the principal ever sees me hurrying again he'll personally call all my teachers and tell me to leave five minutes early. I was also blessed with receiving a top locker in the midst of all of my classes, and permission not to punish me if I accidentally am a bit dozy from all my medicine! Life is good.

I rounded my nails. When they were more squared, I notice that the corners of them would always break and chip. In the case of my longer nails, they might actually decay a little in the middle on the side, making things annoying and maintaining ridiculous. I've begun to notice the attraction of more pointed, rounder, realistic looking nails. So, I rounded my nails. I don't know if it makes too much of a difference or not, but I do like how they look. I'm not sure what I might do in the future.

This is FingerPaints Brush With Fame. I bought it at Sally's for maybe a dollar because it was on sale. The colour is very similar to what is in the pics, but with less lighting it looks a bit more brown. Relate the picture to the bottle colour as well. In the first day there has been definite tipwear, although no chips.

Thanks, love you, and God Bless,

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