Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Lavender Marquis

This is a rather finicky little one. I was caught by it's frosty shimmerness of lavender, although I'm not so sure about the polish itself. It is very pretty, doable at just a single coat it looks beautiful. It is a frosty lavender with a bit of a yellow shine to it, is what I see in it. It's very pretty. Application, however, was not pretty. The formula is very thin and tends to run, a lot. In order to apply, it is necessary you take off a ton and ton of polish from the brush in order to apply, and put on thin coats. However, it is a subtle beauty I will wear again.

That's all for today.
Love and God Bless,


  1. That is a great color! Have you tried leaving the polish open for awhile to get it to thicken?

  2. No I haven't, but that's usually a formula problem, although I haven't experienced that with any of the others of that brand.

  3. That is a pest about the formula, it is a lovely shade however.