Clothes and a Konadicure, Neon Removal

Alright. So I got "in the mood" to change my nails, considering they were lasting "forever" in my book. So, I got the nail polish remover out and attempted to remove it.

Harder than I thought.

All glittery things are hard to remove. It took twice as much cotton and about five times as much nail polish remover to get it off. The funny thing is, is that when Blue Sparrow was partially removed, it had this intense silver glitter, hiding underneath all that blue. That look alone I would've totally gone for.

ANYWAYS. So I pulled out from Nubar's Pastel Collection Green Tea, and Konad plate m55. I experimented, failed a little bit, and ended up just putting random designs. Sorry it looks so bad, I was kind of annoyed from the removal and didn't feel like spending forever on my nails. Besides, it's just practice. [=

This is the original sloppy pic with no Konad.
So it was my dad's birthday, and while we were at Bass Pro I did some back-to-school shopping.
These are all Natural Reflections, size small. Priced 30-45 dollars, and each was like..10-15, I think. I also got the best corduroy pants ever. Best pants EVER, and they were ten bucks.

Not cold enough yet, but it will be for CHICAGO.

I'm so afraid to stain this x.x

That's all.
Love and God Bless,

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