So, I'm sorry, but I've still been busy and gone and here and there, and the battery's still are all out of. So I'm going to post pictures (taken with my mommy's camera, not mine XD), of our trips and doings and such. First off, New Braunfels. Here's a "few" pictures, but it's hard to get them into any order--so they aren't.

Here's the entrance to it. All big and noticable like.

One of their reticulated pythons in a big cage.


The bigg cage with all em in it.

The alligator and crocodile feeding!

This guy was so cool. Knew lots of stuff--and I'm like his biggest #1 fan =]

Retic. This is a BEAUTIFUL SNAKE -faint-.


So I took pics with Apollo-the famous snake off Dirty Jobs. He took two professional pics--the one that's all grainy is that one cuz it was scanned. Other my mom took.

We went to Kirbyville and to my great aunt/uncle's ranch. My third cousin (my mom's cousin's son) hooked up a horse called Bud we all rode on a little--him mostly leading the kids. I went out a lot--they had four horses, and fed them and played with them. This one's called Crack. Apparently he's on it.

Anyways--hope to get back on topic soon.


  1. What fun! I thought the snake with the yellow head was beautiful. I've never seen a snake with that kind of coloring. Horse back riding is so much fun. Glad your having a nice summer with family.