China Glaze -- Neon Blue Sparrow

Aha! So, wel, indeed I did find batteries, and I stole an extra pair. I hope to keep pictures sparse and only when necessary--not fumbling around searching for the right position or for me to get the great face of the day shot--just simple, when I'm ready to go, snap and off camera. I'm hoping this with my new batteries stolen will last me a while. If not, hopefully there might be a few more to snag in the junk drawer downstairs. /Hopefully/.

Now NORMALLY I don't like to take pictures outside? You know why? Because I see wonderful glorious photographs of pictures in the perfect lighting that I LOVE, but when you try them on indoors, where you are most of the time, it's dull! Now this I happened to see the shocking beauty of when I did go outside, so I felt the need to take a picture.
Anyhow, this is neon neon. I wore another from the neon collection-- the In the Lime-light in the pictures where I was riding my friend's horses in Mississippi, and those stood out more than anything! You could see them a mile away. I'll try to make up for my nailish absence with a bit of a decent review.

Well, to start off. As I said, this is NEON NEON. It is so bright, especially when you're outside in the sun. The application was iffy. I had a hard time getting the right amount of polish on my nails, because it's very thick, but also watery. It ended up in huge glops, and when I did get the right amount it thinned out in random spots. This was two coats. I should've done three, maybe it would've made things a bit mor even. In true light you can see all the opaqueness issues. This took forever to drydry. I used a coat of Seche with this, and it seemed fairly dry, but after nearly forty-five minutes it insisted on smudging and tearing off and just being that semi-dry kind of jam-likeness. So, some parts would smudge off, literally, and then I'd smudge it back on and it'd dry that way. So far, since my application of it about six hours ago, has it chipped or shown any signs of wear. Even if it did, this nail polish is so amazing that I'd wear it anyways. You really need to FULL VIEW to see the intense sparkles and brightness of it. The colour is darker inside, but outside it really shows it's beauty. I can't even explain it--it's just GORGEOUS. It's like the intensity of the sparkles on a brand new BASS BOAT, yes, that's what it is. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm usually one for creamy, matte like things, but this absolutely took my attention away.

I decided to practice a little of Konad on this. From the basic plate #2 or..#3 -rubs head-. Flowers and hearts, index and ring. I'm getting slightly better at it, all for practice. I'm hoping eventually I'll reach the point when my mom can trust in me and not squander money with a pedicure.

This is the inside post w/flash.
http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b223/onono4542/006.jpg is the link to fullview. I can't get it to work. >.>

Anyways, that's all for now.
Love and God bless,



  1. I've had this one forever but I haven't tried it yet.... I will now!

  2. Cute mani! Very pretty blue. I like the bass boat description.