OPI Timeless is More

I'm sorry for my prolonged absence. Life has been quite busy. ^.^ I made the time to update with one of my favourite nail lacquers, OPI Timeless is More. As of this year I believe, it is discontinued. A shame, I think it is one of the most brilliant off-white colours. Although it is sheer in the picture, from a slight distance including the light shimmer it has, it seems pretty opaque. Really gorgeous. Application fantabulous, really just a great nail polish.

Of course, I'll say that about nearly everything.

I'll try to post more often.


  1. Very pretty, I like colors like that. Glad to see a new post! :)

  2. This one looks really nice on you. I usually don't get along with sheer or prettty sheer polishes, because they look awful on my nails :-(

  3. Olivia -- Thanks. ^^ I'm going to be trying to upload more often now that school is settling down.

    Tuli -- Thanks. I hate hate hate sheer polishes on me too, and this polish is very buildable. It's extremely sheer at one coat (this is two), and I'm positive it'll be opaque after three.