Nubar Lavender

I recently received Nubar's Pastel Fever Collection, and thought that I would gradually begin to post their colours up here.

We shall note that my camera is very picky, and makes things a bit brighter--I don't have brilliant application by any means, albeit my camera tends to make minor ones which would not normally be noticed jump out.

It's a gorgeous colour, and looks precisely as it would in the bottle. The bottles themselves are to love, and are well balanced. The cap fits in perfectly and has a nice texture that is easily held and gripped by myself at least. I have small nail beds, and the brush is a bit large for me, though besides that everything was brilliant.

The Lavender shade, and as I've heard of all of this collection, was quite streaky. A third coat might have helped, tough my coats are average and not super-thin, so I was satisfied.

I'll hope to get back soon with the rest of the collection. ^^

Love, D.B.

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