Horse Ranch

These pictures became incredible out of order. BAH!

Oh well.

I'm not going to talk too much, I hope. My mom's friends have a horse ranch in Mississippi, where we spent two nights over our spring break. My mom took over a thousand pictures, though I just wanted to share a few.
This babe was born the day before we arrived.

This one is a week and a half old.

Whoa, momma!

This is my mom's friend's son Cody, who's VERY experienced and was halter breaking this one.

Love this shot!

My mom wanted to take a picture of my dad and I riding side-by-side. Sorry I look awful (and fat), I wasn't wearing any makeup!! You can actually see the glow of my nail polish and its brightness.

Her lab, Heidi, tagged along a bunch. (I still look awful =[) The horse is very pretty!

Hair much?

They're so gorgeous!! They have about thirty-two horses and a hundred and twenty acres of land!

My daddy got comfortable REAL fast.

Overall, it was a very exciting trip. Now that I've discovered I LOVE horses, I want to get more involved. That place is amazing, and has tons of dogs, chickens, cows, cats, you name it! Even a few donkeys. I had the time of my life, and realised I need to lose a TON of weight. ><
--That flaming-green nailpolish, btw, is China Glaze's In the Lime-Light! (My mom and I stopped by a Sally's on the way and I picked up a ton of stuff. <3 My mom so much, I wasn't expecting that)

Oh, and you can probably click and zoom in. ^^

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