Out of this World and Frostbite with Konad m27

To start, this is one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. It's called Out of this World, which was released a long long time ago and I'm sure is discontinued. It smells of bad chemicals. Application is perfect texture and thickness, it just slides right on and is easy to control. I love the colour one, because it's orange and two, because it is so dull and creamish. It is absolutely beautiful and very hard to find, as far as I know of.

As you've heard, I've received my Konading things. I've only done a few so far, and I've tried to be subtle. I've done a few full-nail konad designs, though none of them have been good enough to photograph. Although, these ended up on the camera and I thought I might post.
This, as you can see, is a dolphin. I really do love sealife..and frostbite reminded me of water, so I added it. It's a bit hard to tell because there is a glare, but it turned out nicely.

That's all I have today.
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