I do understand it has been quite a while.

In short, my mani-hygeine has fallen short, and I've barely been noticing my nails at all.

In September-February we were having a fiasco. My mother left us for a man she got hooked up with on Facebook, and though the scar is healing, she can be a ***** sometimes and turn back around and cut up the sore again. Otherwise, we're managing.

I've been getting in with horses since January, but I've had a few bad experiences with one trainer so I decided to cut back and stop seeing her, and focus on buying a horse myself. Rather, I am now focused on getting a job, then a car so I can drive places, /then/ things FOR the horse, THEN the horse =]. And I'm hoping to compete. I've found something I can do with my disability, and it's inspiring.

Anyways, that's all that's up!

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