Heimlich, Tangles, and a Swatch

I've been attempting to start taking photographs of my mini, ultra cheap nail polish collection, when I discovered that no matter how perfect my nails might appear to my eyesight, when the picture gets ahold of them they are absolutely dreadful looking. The pictures as well don't necessarily work out so well; the lighting is off and the picture blurry. I'm going to probably apologize fifty thousand times for my lack of skill, mostly being experience--I'm sure I'll get better, but I'm an avid perfectionist and can't handle it being below quality.

To save you the trouble of starting with such dreadfullness I'm going to post up pictures of my other two snakes.

This is Heimlich, my BCI (boa constrictor imperator). I'm guessing he's a he, but to tell the truth I'm not all too sure at all. He's probably about nine or ten months old now, but to tell you the truth I'm not sure about that either. He's fairly large for a baby, I think, being about two and a half feet long perhaps and quite thick and heavy in some areas (most of which is all muscle). When he is full size he will be about 8-10 feet and a good fifty pounds (my mother is very pleased to hear that). He is very gentle and friendly, and although he does burrow, it is not as often as the corns. He spends lots of his time roaming around though, likes exploring, and can be snappy when hungry. (This picture is old)

Tangles is my other corn snake. I received her from Don Soderberg (http://cornsnake.net/), a wonderful and reliable cornsnake breeder with a brilliant selection, and she is a homozygous Butter morph. This means that whenever I get around to breeding her, the F2 generation will present this yellow recessive gene that will be hidden in her children. She is a sweetheart, and named because she likes to tangle.

They are both entirely colourful, in particular Tangles. Right after she sheds, she glows this fantastic bright yellow, that is almost unbelievable for a snake. I hope that her babies are just as beautiful (whenever she's old enough to be bred, of course)!

I've had very little luck with my photography with nails. I dislike my hands, and am terrible at application, but due to hammertoe and a surrealistic foot drop from my CMT, let's just say that attempting toenails would probably be more challenging for me and less attractive to you. I'm not too good at any of this, at all, especially the picture taking. This picture isn't the best, but I find that it is a very accurate representation of the colour itself. Lots of swatches I've seen online are very light, but it takes very special lighting to get close to that and the only lighting I have here is sun.

For Audrey--China Glaze, 2 coats

As I've mentioned, I don't have much experience with nail treatments or anything, I just try to make them look decent. Suggestions, comments, that sort are always welcome--I would be honoured to hear advice from someone with twice as many years on them than myself. I'm also open to any questions, or concerns, or anything like that.



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