Sally Hansen -- Ruby Sequin

The recent attempt at cheap nail lacquer left me a bit distraught and frustred, as well as the Junior Classic League competition. This involves being at my school early in the morning, to drive over to a city's school for all day competition, which consists of physical games, exams of our choosing, and "certamen"--which is a game such as Quiz Bowl, with the buzzer and the peson interrogating you on information you don't know all too well. In order to be qualified to compete in this, each level in each school is required a minimum and maximum amount of members. Apparently someone dropped out, so without even consulting me on the subject, I am now to be a part of this competition tomorrow as well. Latin is a strong subject of mine, but this is something I've never done before in my life. Yikes!

I chose a nail polish with a bit of a lighter tone. I was in a hurry, I do think that the camerawork was a bit better, though. I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen, I think it's wonderful. And it did most certainly cheer me up a bit.