OPI Little Red Wagon

I figured I would just post up a NOTD swatch for whenever I managed to actually get something. It's not the best of quality, but I figure I better start posting all the things that I have, one by one, as I manage. I'd prefer not to force myself to do this, and to just do it naturally and take pictures whenever I happen to wear it...so I will. Besides, practice is always quite good now, isn't it?

This is OPI Little Red Wagon, part of their 08 Christmas collection Holiday in Toyland, I believe. The formula was fine. It's very opaque, and takes about one coat, though I used two. I took these pictures while wet, and I did clean up and touch it a little afterwards, but the battery was near dying--lame excuse, I know, I know.. This I received in a gift set containing Brand New Skates, Glamour Game, and also Don't Toy With Me!, so they are all cutesy mini bottles. Despite this, I'm a thousand percent sure that the brush is also smaller, making it a bit more challenging for me to use. I somewhat managed. I also somewhat managed to get the camera to be a bit more accurate. ^^

OPI Little Red Wagon, a pretty dark red.

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