I go by D.B. (DryBones), a common nickname taken from the adventures of the Biblical prophet Ezekiel. I'm a fifteeen-year-old freshman in a three or so thousand student high school in southeastern Texas. I play bassoon in the band, but due to Charcot Marie Tooth neuromuscular dystrophy I can't march. I'm in advanced classes, but don't try all too hard, so I make As and often times low Bs. I love to play piano and sing, even though I'm not too good at either. I love jewelry, but due to the CMT my fingers are absolutely terrible and I can't work anything small, including buttons, and those teeny little clasps they insist on putting on earrings and chains. I love cosmetics, in particular eye makeup and nails, though I'm on a cheap budget and don't have all too much experience. It's a hobby I thought maybe I'd want to be sharing with you! I'm going to try to offer good swatches and a variety of colours, which I love, and in addition to makeup, I find my other hobby full of colour! This hobby is, unfortunate to most -close your eyes-, is my snakes. I want to be a snake breeder. I have two corn snakes and a boa constrictor, and they're my best friends in the whole, whole wide world.

I'm completely knew at all of this blogging and formatting business, so I'm terrible with pictures--this is Stevo, my first corn snake. He's about a year and a half old now (yeah we're both super young). Though, he is a gorgeous fellow, and I think--full of plenty of colour. I'll try to get pictures of my other two up here if I get the chance. Stevo is an okeetee (or normal) corn snake. This is the colouration most commonly found in the wild. Corn snakes in general are found in the United States most commonly from Virginia and so and down the southernish area into about Louisiana. As reputation goes, corn snakes are absolute sweethearts. He's way sweeter than my ragdoll kitten.

I'm going to try to make my nails look a little bit presentable and start posting swatches of my pathetic little cheap teenage-girl's collection. I'd love any information from nail care and art to photo-taking, basically anything. I'm going to try to keep this focused on nails, but trust me--I'm going to be slipping in probably more information about my life and snakes than you would like to know. This is a hobby: I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and I'm sure I'll get better over time.
Love you,


  1. Your Corn Snake is absolutely gorgeous! I have a Leopard Gecko; people seem to be scared of him, and all things reptilian, and I have yet to work out why...
    High Five on the Bassoon. Brilliant instrument. :)

  2. Snake is lovely :D I would have one too if you S-O wasn't afraid of them :(

  3. Thanks, Nioki and Lina-Elvira. I love lizards, but I'm not all too sure that I could handle the crickets. Yeah, I can deal with rats but not crickets. Bugs creep me out period.

    My boa constrictor occassionally scares me when he's hungry--when he's hungry he's snappy, but besides that they're all very friendly. Nothing to be scared of.