OPI Glamour Game

It's been more hectic than anyone would like to imagine. The snakes haven't eaten in a while, because all of their meals come from the same packaging and I was waiting for Heimlich to shed--however, the chances are that I will end up feeding them tonight.

As if anyone really cares about that. Anyhow, my camera is completely terrible. I think I've managed to correct the camera's lighting, however the blur is still a slight bit of an issue. This nail polish is very very sheer--this is two coats, although I'm sure I could have used three because the nail line is slightly visible up close. The shade is very neutral, shines at a well "champagne-gold" as described, though it could be easily mistaken for a silver. A bit metallic. The formula was brilliant, as expected, and out of the OPI Holiday in Toyland box collection I got, this had the best application and it's very pretty too. ^^

OPI -- Glamour Game

Once more, sorry for the quality. This is the best I got after an hour of attempts.


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