Pure Ice - Watermelon Ice

I received a nail polish with the brand of Pure Ice, Watermelon Ice, as a gift along with several other small cheap things from the third wife of my late widower grandfather. I've never seen this brand before, and so I decided to try it out. Now, I assumed that it wasn't a six, seven, or eight dollar bottle of nail polish. I assumed it was maybe a one or two dollar of nail polish, for a cheap brand somewhere in Wal-Mart or Target she'd happened to catch sight of and think, "Perhaps this would be a good colour for my relative." And I'm a thousand percent sure she did. She was right.

The style of this nail polish absolutely made me go "Wow!" I wasn't expecting much, really. This is completely jelly, completely shimmer and sparkly and a really really pretty shade a bit lighter than the one in the photo I managed to take, and that all makes up for the bit of sheerness. It almost looks like a lip gloss. In fact, it feels like one too. I'm a bit rough on my nails, but this I was completely surprised at how awful it held up. It held up about..thirty seconds, dents and all, and to tell you the truth I'm not sure about redoing my hands to get this back. The application was fine. A bit thick (the brush picks up a ton), and a bit hard to handle, but I had assumed that this would be decent. Let's just say that I learned a bit about my camera in the process of making this, and am getting better when it comes to the lighting and clarity of my pictures.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had any experience with this band of nail polish. Questions, suggestions, comments, always welcome.
Love, D.B.

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