KOTD: Nubar Baby Pink w/m63

Well I've decided to post. ^_^

This is Nubar Baby Pink (I think, I forgot), and the whole manicure took way longer than I really wanted it to. Part of it I think was a lack of patience. Baby Pink took forever to dry, and with short nails I was really unable to paint my nails properly, so it was a huge pink waxy mess that I had to clean up with several Q-tips and several minutes wasted. The brush was fine, under normal circumstances, but it was too big for my now small nails, and I couldn't get the right amount of polish on it. The polish is thick, not really runny but a good consistency, but when I would wipe it off because I had too much then I wouldn't have enough. It was really frustrating.
So frustrating, I almost didn't want to follow through with my Konad. However, I did. I'm still quite new at Konading, so I guarantee this isn't as bed as it should be. Although my nails are short, I'm liking the shape and the strength so far. I'm just really experimenting and getting the hang of it.

Evie was on my bed, so I took a picture of him. ^^

That's all I have for you today!
Love and God Bless,


  1. This color is so cute and pretty and I really loved this one on you :-) And your cat is gorgeous !!! I also have 2 cats and I just love when they look at me with their cute eyes like that :-)

  2. Tuli-- Thanks =] It lasted a /really/ long time too! I'd love to see pics of your cats on your blog sometime.

  3. g0rjuz colour and really nice konad love it