OPI Little Red Wagon, Nubar Orange Creme, and Pets =]

I would have enjoyed to put this in some sort of order, but I failed. Sorry. I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point. I've been still so /very/ busy, and it's quite getting on my nerves. All of the camps/parents' ice cream social/family visiting/us visiting family should be over soon, I'm hoping. My father and I are going to start building a 4x3x2 snake cage for Heimlich!!

Anyways. This is my NOTD for yesterday, OPI Little Red Wagon. I hadn't intended on posting this, but it was SO BRIGHT that I just felt it needed the attention. The brush was a bit small, it was one of those sample bottles, but the application was fantastic. The manicure lasted a whole twelve hours, chipping in the shower and being half-gone through the next day. I was disgusted and surprised--it just came right off!

This is Heimlich. ^^ He was out and about.

And my Cocker Spaniel!! And..messy bed. Ignore that.

This is my NOTD from several days ago--ignore the messy application, Nubar brushes hate me. Nothing incredibly good or bad to say about this.

That's all for today!


  1. I hate it when my polish doesn't last a whole day! Cute pets!

  2. Oh I like the Nubar, very summery. Adorable pets ^^

  3. I like both of the colors. Shame that the OPI chipped so quickly. Love your dog! :) And, your snake!