Well, summer's here!! I'm quite excited. I should be. My band is going to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic this December, as I've mentioned. It's very prestigious--it's going to be very difficult music, though, so we're already having band rehearsal this week.

June 10-12.
Isn't that a bit early for band practice for the fall?

I have VBS and Cubscout Camp coming up. I'm trying to live a little freer, closer to God. I'm really blessed to be able to have lots of things, but when I watch blogs I always see people with tons of things I don't have. It makes me really..quite envious.

Isn't that a commandment?

Anyways, yes. I'm trying to stock up (huh? Yeah, I know. A bit contradictory). So, I'm saving up for some more hauls. I cut my nails, because they were thinning and peeling and just awful. So, I chopped them clean! I'm barely brave enough to show my nails when they're a little bit on the average side, considering how gorgeous some blogger's nails are. It'll be a bit before I'm brave enough, or they grow a bit longer.

Now, I can post pictures of my snakes. Surely I can! I think I love my snakes too much. I can't wait until Tangles is old enough to have eggs!! Tangles is from a wonderful professional breeder, Don Soderberg (I know I've said this already) at South Mountain Reptiles. Their shipping is great, but he's kinda -_- personally.

Great snake breeder, but he thinks I should be more focused on business.

Anywho, I'm hoping I can keep a few pretty ones. =]

First up is Heimlich, my BCI.

Love that tannish colour. He's really starting to darken. The nail polish is..Meg'N? I think, by Ice. I've had several chips and major tip wear after like..a day. Then again, I didn't use /anything/. Well..I think I used a base coat..
Heimlich is supposed to be like..four feet long in a few months. He's only two and a half now, but he hasn't really been eating as much as he /should/ (Don't worry). He'll get to eight feet =]

^ I did clean that waterbowl, fyi.

Tangles is just a gorgeous sweetheart, as always. Well, she's rattled her tail a few times. What's really cute is when my cat will be on my bed, and Evinrude will jump up and see her. Tangles will reach her head up to him, and whenever Evin jumps down on the floor (So he can jump on the dresseR) her head will follow him. And the kitteh pats the glass.
My dad thinks that the snake things that Evin is just a big fluffeh mouse.
That's all I really have.


  1. Your snakes are SOOOO COOL!!!! :D

  2. What absolute beauties you have here. Gorgeous! <3 snakes