Life Update (Beware of Long Posts)

Posted yesterday: This is just another life update.

I know, sorry. I just feel like as well as a blog for all sorts of cosmetic-like things, I'd like to post some interesting things in my life (and my snakes!)

Speaking of my snakes, starts off with that. Well, yesterday.

We'll start with yesterday at Scout Camp. They all made rain gauges, by taking foil and either cutting out paper with it on it, or imprinting it by tracing and cutting out the trace they made in the foil, then colouring and decorating it with Sharpies or paint, double-sided taping these dragonfly wings to two popsicle sticks together, as well as a self-marked glass cylinder to be the measurement for the water as well as the body of the dragonfly.

There were multiple problems with this. Mainly, the den leaders don't do nearly anything. Although I'm signed up to do the older kids, I prefer to do the younger ones, about six or seven (the youngest age available). After a while we just gave up on the double-sided tape because hot glue was offered, so we just instantly sent the kids there. It was pretty hectic, passing out the foil and the paper to trace/cut the wings with, scissors, markers, cylinders, popsicle sticks, and making sure there was a sheet taped down with the measurements, or that they had rulers given to them. Most of them I had to do myself, but I had a decent time.

Very tired and in much pain, I went home to thawed mice to feed for my snakes. I cut open the bag as usual, and something I never like to see. Three mice, horizontally packed, one quite bloody. This is problematic for me because I drop them in the cages, and it's easier to hold onto the ones in the back and let one in the front drop out, but these were all neck n' neck. Consequently, Stevo's worked out alright. Tangles and Heimlich were very much out, as you can see here.

That's how he was when I got in! Now when you're opening a cage with a bloody mouse in a plastic bag in your hands with a snake like that, it can be kind of frightening. Even though they've never bitten me, Heimlich's snapped, and I'm still wary when I have food because they might mistake ME for food.

Now, today's Twilight Camp went far better. It was pretty cool. Although Josh continues to be full of himself, bossing me to go to this mandatory youth meeting which I still didn't go to, and talking about how he is very nationally amazing for scouts (he has all these smart words for it), it started out well. One of the head people came up to me and mentioned my braces and said she felt awful for me, knowing it must be painful for me and hot wearing all of my stuff, and thanked me for working hard and said I could sit down whenever I want. Now, that's a good thing to hear! What a nice woman!!

Today went far better. I don't really remember the first little block. =] We were making bug catchers. They glue the pieces together and glue the net on, and little green felt strips on top. One of the sides has a hole for a cork that's provided to keep the bug in! It was a very messy job, especially glueing the net on and the felt. They used popsicle sticks to paint the glue on, but many just used their hands! They sanded it, and one kid commented, "We don't want the bugs to get splinters!" How cute!! They were all really sweet. We had our break, in which I set up a few tables for the next round, then lunch. The next group I had was really good. At that stage the parent is required to be with them for pretty much everything, and I had tons of den leaders that helped their kids (these are groups of about fourteen). I still got quite messy. Then, there was a group still in that block of time that hadn't gotten a table and had been patiently waiting for one!! So I had to cram them in and do pretty much everything in ten minutes, which was HARD, considering it takes lots of time to glue! Because of that, the next station got a bit behind, but it all worked out very well. =]

Now, -phew-. Glad, I told /somebody/. Or at least I can think that somebody will read all of that.

For the fun part =] Vacation Bible School is a blast. Craft time, snack time, everything is soo much fun!

These two are Ethan and Elliot, two brothers. They're the best brothers I've ever seen in my life. Elliot being the youngest, he's adorable. He's supposed to be in the younger preschool class, while I teach the older, however he cried and clung to his brother, so we let them stay together. Boy, they love being together!! Ethan will hold him and cuddle him, and they're just the sweetest thing to watch.
Elliot is a sweetheart. At three, he's very, very nice. He gets upset really easily, and will cross his arms and go into a pouty, curl-up mode. I don't really know why, but I can't comprehend a word he's saying ever (his brother talks normal), and it makes things difficult, but he loves being held, cuddled, and I can usually coax him into at least coming out into the group, or standing and dancing in a song.

He /loves/ taking his picture taken. It completely cheers him up!

This is Danielle, and behind Erin with food on her nose. Snack time =]

This is Luke, also at snacktime. He claims he's not ticklish.

And Evan, at snacktime, a /complete/ cutie.

Posted today:

VBS Today was great! I can't believe that tomorrow's the last day. =[ Good news is that tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for a birthday party, and I get to skip TC.

Well, I think I've rambled enough for now. I'll catch you guys later.

Love and God Bless,

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  1. The kids are so adorable. That's scary about the bloody mouse situation because you don't want them getting the scents confused and going for you mistaking you for food. I've had packaging mistakes like that, not good at all.