Life and OPI Kreme de la Kremlin

Hiya! I really find this a great opportunity to speak to you, and ramble on and on about my personal life. I've kind of lost track, but I'm pretty sure in the few posts I've had, I have shown a picture of Kreme de la Kremlin, but I feel like I really didn't do a sufficient job with that at all. So, sorry.

First off, I want to talk to you about a few things that have been happening.

The first thing that happened was band rehearsal. Boy, Wind Ensemble is intense. We have to play grades 1-6 (way beginner easy to the highest grade level colleges play). Our grade six is Till Eulenspiegel by Richard Strauss (famous for operas, etc, not the piano guy--that's his son). Now, this piece of music, well, the band arrangement, is 654 measures. To start off my summer I measured it incorrectly, and had to completely erase all about 650 measures and rewrite it all. Somehow I managed to get back on track but alas, I forgot to not erase those. Quite frustrating. The music we're playing is fun, and meant to challenge us. However, the Midwest Clinic is a musical showcase of the four "best" bands in America, and several others in the country, and it's meant to show the new, hottest composer's music. So, we're playing something of Balmages, who is a very hot composer of the 21st century. The music we're playing needs to have lots of variety in both genre and difficulty. It takes a mature musician to write music that's whole notes and half notes and have any interest to it, so we're going to be searching to find the perfect performance for this December in Chicago. I think it'll be fun, so long as we prepare for the 45-minute concert.

Sunday night we went up to the church (we meaning I) for our little Vacation Bible School meeting. We set it all up. It has a dock theme, and the hallways have a dock-looking type of pathway (that is very very slippery). Nets with rubber fish and corks are hanging from the ceiling, and our room is very grassy, watery, with a few alligators. This morning from 9-12 we begun! I'm teaching the preschool with my friend, and we split into crews, and I take six kids--being the older. I know most of them, and they really are sweethearts, and so much fun to work with. I think VBS really gives me the opportunity to grow closer to these kids, and these parents too. Preschool is one of the hardest grades to work with because first off ,we have to do everything for them. We make their crafts for them half of the time, and really playing with the toys at the church is far more fun than a Bible related game about how god is with us (and each time a student hears that you raise your hand up and shout Fear not!, which the kids love). It's very interactive and nostalgic. I think it has a good basic knowledge, and they sing some fun songs with handmotions (though my kids are always too shy!!) We're just starting out, but I think the week will be fun. They watch Chadder's Theatre and his adventures, play games, do crafts, and have healthy snacks. It's good to be able to lead a class who are always willing to sit in your lap, too.

Of course, that is the good part of this week. The "bad" part of this week is Twilight Camp.

No, they aren't turning the Cub Scouts into vampires. Twilight Camp is for kindergarten thru fifth grade. My brother is a fourth grader, a "Weebelo," I think. They do all sorts of things, the older groups focusing on teamwork and leadership. My dad, mom, and I and our little Home Depot buckets for chairs and a cooler for snacks and a dinner are working with many others in the crafts section. It is kind of cool because we are shaded, but on the side that the sun sets so around seven it hits really hard. Today they painted flags for their den, and it was really messy and quite a hassle. The rest of the week they'll be building things with kits, and one day they'll be hammering. That's eighty kids hammering at once!! I do, of course, need to mention that there is a very sweet, adorable guy. I perchance might take interest, even though he might talk too much. My last relationship didn't turn out so great (whiny little thing, who constantly sends me text messages claiming that he understands I want him to leave me alone and yet begs me to tell him to stop so that he knows he's supposed to). -shrug- Whatever happens, happens. The good thing about this is that they always have a tub in the front of water and of Gatorade! Free Gatorade!! The only thing is that it's a "bit" watered down. =[

I'm starting to experiment with my cheap little camera, and was possibly thinking of maybe posting some FOTD. Nothing drastic, of course. On general, I'm not very good with makeup. I like to do simple things, because to tell you the truth I have very little. I have a set of cheap brushes given as a gift, and I make do with cheap palettes and drugstore products. Some are good, but most aren't. Maybe it's good development for a good artist, to use lipbrush as a crease brush and a eyeshadow brush for /everything/, in which the angled and straight "shader" brush is far too fluffy but not round, but still flat? It's slightly frustrating, but I'm making do. I don't really understand lighting, or taking any good pictures of myself. Heh. I'm cheap enough to use a thin line of blended lip gloss as liner for a perfect contour, but then again, I'm not a professional. My only true hobby my parents help me spend money on is my snakes, and thank goodness for that! I can't pay for the electricity bill, the aspen bedding, the fresh water supply in my faucet, and weekly doses of frozen rodents, can I?

So, I tried it. God, no, I can't take pictures, at all. Especially of myself. It's kind of like...when you look in the mirro and say, "GOD THAT LOOKS GREAT!!!" and then you take a picture of it a thousand times and can't seem to make yourself look normal? And you go, you know if this were live, or perfect timing, then it would show how I actually look, not some weird angle of me and me taking pictures of myself. Bleh, I give up. Anyways, that's some glimpse ^ of me.

To the main point. =] Kreme de la Kremlin.

First off, I want to talk to you a little bit of where I do my nails. I don't do my nails on a table, hands laid across. In fact, I could never ever do my nails like that! Especially not my left hand, I couldn't possibly twist up my hand like that to do it. No, I actually do my nails in my bed. I have a Best of the Beatles easy piano book from when I was younger, and it has become my nail polish base. I use it when filing my nails, cleaning my nails, everything. I turn on my side and rest my right elbow on a pillow, and do my nails on this book. Lame, I know, but it makes me comfortable and I have actually less issues than if I were in a more "proper" position. My right hand I paint flat, and my left I paint by curling my hand slightly.

Anyhow, this just proves I'm human, and sometimes get a little too excited. Or careless.

In my slight humour, I actually slapped on a coat of Seche Vite, figuring it was better for it to dry quickly than for me to get it on something else trying to clean it! (Who would waste cotton?)

Anyhow, that is my attempted manicure. First things first.
Application. It was pretty wonderful to me. I had wonderful control of the polish. The brush is amazing, and I could usually get all of my nail covered in one thick swipe. This is two coats, but one will do it. If you're not careful you'll get a bit of uneven coating. It doesn't really show, but sometimes, especially up in the tip, you can see a bit of sheerness, especially in really bright conditions.
I love this colour, I really do. I love cremes, anyone would know that, and this just has that kind of "mom" tone to it. It's pretty and neutral, and would fit well with any skin tone. The only downside to this is the wear. I'm not so sure if it's just me and nail polishes, but nail polishes that last several days last a day or two to me (except that recent Koni I did, which lasted a very long time). I used this with Seche Vite last night, which always gives wondrous results to me. Now this nail polish seemed very interesting. Tips never wear for me, I always get chips. Even if it's a high end brand, I think I'm just hard on my nails or something. It's hard, too, and I think I gotta deal with it. Becasue I'm poking the small premade circles of foam in tiny gator parts to make a necklace! Definite nail workout! After a day, I've had major tipwear, and a bit of corner wear too. It's equal on both hands, majority being my thumb and index finger.
Still, big thumbs up. I will always love this polish.
Well that's all (ha) I have for you today. =]


  1. Goodness! You are busy!!! Love the make-up. I make due with cheap cosmetics, as well. Sometimes that's better than the expensive stuff because then you don't waste all of the money that could be used to buy nail polish!! I love your nails. Very pretty color, and it looks good on you.

  2. Wow! So busy...yet sounds like a lot of fun too! I have the same issues with nail polish wear. What will last several days, for other people. Will chip in a day or two for me. I feel the same way. That it's me,being very hard on my nails. Your make up looks very nice. And such pretty blue eyes too! I use all kinds of make-up. Some drugstore brands and some expensive too. But I'm not picky. It all works..lol!