Outlet Minihaul and Some Other Pics

I took this picture, today I think. That piece of black 'sleep' under my eye is really annoying me, and it's real shimmery. Cameras pick up way too many things that you can't see in real life! The pics below also makes me feel like I REALLY need to learn how to smile.

I know it's not really important, but my dad took some pics of my mommy and me in Joe's.

A few days ago we went to a small outlet mall. I'm not really sure the brand or the store I was at exactly, but I bought some shorts =] The colourations are really pretty, and have neutral shades in them that match well with most anything.

I'm totally digging them!!

This is a lipstick case I got at a street on Harwin. It's in Houston, and is a very long street famous for great knock-off purses and a great selection of all sorts of things. There's an asian store with Hello Kitty galore, kimonos, and all sorts of cute little things like this. It snaps close and has a mirror inside, and I have one that's black, orange, and green also.

That's all for now.

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  1. Nice photo of you and your mom! You have a pretty smile. I always blame the camera...lol! I never think I look good, in any photo's either. Great shorts you found to wear for the summer! That's such a cute lipstick case too!